07/07/2015 Behind the scenes 0
Title: Looking for Björk Production: Nomade Production Director: Claude Andrieux Format: 2D Big Screen movie Release date: 2016 Destination Iceland to shoot the aerial images for the feature film "Looking for Bjork" by Claude Andrieux. After finishing the principal shoot of the sequences for the feature film, we took advantage of the amazing locations in Iceland to explore further into ... Read more

Grotto 3D - 3D Big Screen movie

11/03/2015 Behind the scenes 0
A new challenge: a feature film in 3D-stereo shot in a cave. Our Cinestar with eight 17-inch propellers and equipped with our Movi M10 gimbal, Red Epic, Zeiss MasterPrime and a follow-focus motor lifts the full payload (7.5kg) with ease. The biggest challenge is to fly in the cave without GPS assistance and come within safe close range of both the actors and the amazing stalagmites and ... Read more

Vertigo, LA tête 3 axes HF Broadcast

11/03/2015 Behind the scenes 0
Une tête girostabilisée 3 axes, avec une capacité d'emport de 20 kg, et totalement HF. Ici une Arri Alexa et une optique cinéma de 150 mm ... Dans les cintres grâce à son "Bol 300". Ici à Disney Land Paris pour l'inauguration du manège Ratatouille. En steadycam ... Sous la sphere soulcam ... Ici pour la publicité japonaise ... Read more

Futuroscope's advertising

03/02/2015 Behind the scenes 0
Here it is the communication campaign has been launched! Here's Making Of : Read more

Soulcam's Greeting - 2015

07/01/2015 Behind the scenes 0
2015 !!  Read more

Paris - Berlin Arte - 4 * 52'

07/07/2014 Behind the scenes 0
Title: Paris-Berlin Production: Arte France, Iliade Productions, Les Films de l'Odyssée Director: Frederic Wilner Format: 2D feature-length documentary Distributor: ARTE TV Release date: 2016 Frederic Wilner's 4 x 52 minutes documentary entitled "Paris-Berlin" with ARTE TV for 2016. Soulcam is proud to participate to this documentary for Fred Wilner. We have shot all of the aerial ... Read more

Italy - Portofino Japan Advertising

07/06/2014 Behind the scenes 0
Shooting in Portofino, this small mediterranean beauty place. Read more

Soulcam's Greeting - 2014

04/02/2014 Behind the scenes 0
This year, let's change the gravity !! Read more