New Caledonia, Ile des Pins
Teaser Imax 3D

New Caledonia, Ile des PinsTeaser Imax 3D

29/05/2013 Behind the scenes 1

The Lagoon

IMax Teaser for a docudrama featuring the history of new caledonia. Another challenging adventure.

Title: Le Lagon - The Lagoon
Production: Jean Louis Gerö for Alisa Production
Director: Eric Beauducel
Format: IMax 3DS
Release date: 2015

Under the lead of director Eric Beauducel, Soulcam embarks on yet another exciting shoot for the teaser of a very challenging docudrama in New Caledonia.  In vue of flying our balloon for the principal shoot once full production gets greenlighted, we take advantage of the long hours of filming to study how the wind behaves in this region. We are convinced that our airship will allow us to make some stunning shots of this amazing part of the world and thus contribute to the excitement of this immersive experience.

This adventure sets us on the trail of the discovery of the archipelago ...

Our base camp is set up in the bay of Pine Island, where we install our 3DS side-by-side mirror rig onto the camera crane.

The catamaran "Bamboo Free"" sets sail and so do we, capturing it all with our two Red Epics 5K for a screen much-larger-than-life.

The teaser has had very positive feedback from the CNC and from the Imax network. The next big step in this project is soon to come.


FR3 New Caledonia came out to made a special report about the project.

Voir la vidéo


Imax 3D, 2x Red Epic 5K

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  • Gravatar PvH (18/12/2013) Looks great. Even on iPhone.
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