Senegal "Hurricane",Shot in 3D-Stereo for big screen release

29/07/2013 Behind the scenes 2

Hurricane. Cyril Barbançon dives into his first motion picture, shot in 3d-stereo for big screen release.

Title: Hurricane
Production: Ouragan film - Jaqueline Farmer
Director: Cyril Barbançon
Format: 3DS feature-length motion picture / 3DS TV documentary
Distributor: Arte / 
Release date: 2014 (TV doc) / 2015 (Movie)

We joined the team with our airship to achieve impressive aerial images depicting the birth of hurricanes.

Depressions are formed under the influence of monsoons.
They then travel over the Atlantic Ocean to enter into a cycle of cyclogenesis near the Gulf of Mexico ...

Here we are flying our cameras above the Senegalese desert and over beaches where fishermen dock with their long canoes, unaware that what starts here as a small breeze will turn into a violent hurricane at the other side of the ocean...


Feature film "Hurricane", Ouragan films, 3D, 2x Red Epic, Rig SbS, 2x Angénieux 16-42mm

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  • Gravatar George Delgado Golash (15/07/2014) If possible Mrs Jaqueline Farmer or Cyril Barbarcon to contact me to my email. Be bless..
  • Gravatar George Delgado Golash (29/04/2014) As part of that magnificent production at Puerto Rico locations I am more than proud to share with the audience the greats efforts done by the director Cyril as well Andy with the very profetional production of Jaqueline Farmer and the entier profetional priduction crew. Hope everyone get to fell
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