USA, Nevada
Burning Man - Imax 3D documentary

USA, NevadaBurning Man - Imax 3D documentary

29/09/2013 Behind the scenes 0

Burnin Man, the Festival of superlatives with a crowd of 70,000 gathered at Black Rock City for an ephermeral festival in the midst of the desert. Nevada, USA.

Title: Sand to ashes
Production: Sysmic films
Director: Arnaud Paris
Format: IMax 3DS
Release date: 2014


The challenge is to capture the beauty and emotions during the unique experience of the Burning Man Festival 2013. Set in Black Rock City, a vast place of artistic encounter where the participants live in total isolation for six days.  We've had to do likewise and had an out-of-this-world experience doing so.

légende à remplir

In the center of the clock, the Playa.

This is the main shooting area for the Sand to Ashes documentary.

Around "The Man" and "The Temple" is where most of the artistic works are set up. It is where man meets art and art meets man... 

Snapshot of our camp: the Soulcam airship with its helium cylinders and ... Mister G keeping a watchful eye on it all.

"Burning Man encourages the individual to discover, exercise and rely on his or her inner resources."

Photo credit:

- Ducan Rawlinson

- Louisa Seton

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